Celebrating Diversity

We live in diverse times. Definitions of "family" are changing, and broadening. Cullen Financial Advisors looks beyond archetypes and stereotypes to build honest, genuine relationships in life and business.

Recognizing Every Dream

Cullen Financial Advisors regards diversity as a gift. Everyone they meet has a story to tell, and a particularly valuable dream to pursue. They work conscientiously to help people realize these dreams. Cullen Financial Advisors strives to grow in accordance with its mission — comprehensive, caring financial planning with dreams and diversity in mind.


Michael S. Cullen, CFP®, ADPASM

Michael had worked in the corridors of a Fortune 50 company prior to entering the Financial Services Industry. His tour through corporate America had provided an exemplary business background, but also the sense that something was missing from the lives of the professionals he met – namely, a sense of financial direction, and a lack of personal care in money management. A single man and a family of eight might be offered similarly generic investment opportunities. Cullen Financial Advisors commits itself to providing specific, considered financial recommendations.

"In my experience many people are thoroughly confused by financial matters and either avoid planning or try to do it themselves and risk making tremendous mistakes. As a CFP, I take a holistic approach to their financial affairs, focusing on all areas that may have a financial effect on their lives."

Tracey Story, Registered Assistant

Tracey has worked in the Financial Services industry for decades, serving in the stock brokerage industry since the year 2000. Prior to that she worked in the fields of accounting and banking. She has an inner drive to provide an outstanding level of client support and team effectiveness.

"I operationally support our clients the same way I would for one of my family members.  Show others that you value them and they will see the value in you."



Gerald Lawson, Internal Operations

Gerald spent many years working in various sectors of the Financial Services Industry, including banking and credit unions; Insolvency & Bankruptcy offices; Computer Systems and Technology, as well as Medical Data Base project management. Developing office efficiencies to allow for the speedy and efficient processing of client and/or staff needs, and supporting the team to deliver exemplary service, is now his primary focus at Cullen Financial Advisors.

Gerald Lawson is not affiliated with OSAIC WEALTH, Inc.

"In order to be a success, one must know failure. In order to be exceptional one must always be learning. Knowledge speaks, but Wisdom listens. We strive to excel in service, while keeping the clients' best interest as our focal point."

Gregory L. Pospichel, CPA

Greg has helped clients with their income taxes and finances for over 15 years.  He spent over a decade working for two of the largest international public accounting firms in the United States, where he learned that keeping an open line of communication can be one of the biggest keys to success.  Greg's clients appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that he brings to each of their own unique situations, and recognize that having an advisor who truly cares about their well-being and future makes all the difference.

“The more I am able to stay up-to-date with my clients and what is going on in their lives, the better I am able to offer the services and advice they need to accomplish their goals.”